About us


When Booty Tools turned 4 in 2022, we changed our name to Unfazed. Being unfazed means being confident. It means you don't get thrown off easily. And that's exactly what we wanted to represent with our brand. At Unfazed, we believe in the power of confidence. With our brand, we want to inspire you to be unfazed by any challenges that come your way.

We are a Belgian fitness brand and focus mainly on women. With our fitness clothing, we try to give women a real confidence boost. With an eye for detail and quality, we bring out the most flattering fitness clothing. Our fitness accessories are designed to empower women to train anywhere, on their own terms. Whether you prefer working out at home, outdoors, or in the gym, we've got you covered!

With years of experience as a certified Personal Trainer, the founder of Unfazed developed a deep passion for fitness accessories and beautiful fitness clothing. This passion eventually led to the creation of a webshop where you can find everything related to fitness. In doing so, Unfazed eventually became too big to just do it “on the side” and she started working on Unfazed full-time. We've grown since then and Unfazed has now expanded to a small team of women working on the brand. Rest assured, every single one of us still has the same passion for fitness.

We have existed for several years and are not only available on our own website, but you can also find us on the Decathlon webshop. We are looking forward to a future with even more growth. We want to thank everyone for your support under the motto "buy local"!


Much love, Team Unfazed: Sofie, Dorine and Hannah