Booty Band

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Color Butterfly

product information

Unfazed's booty band is a versatile companion for both home and gym workouts. This durable fabric band can be used for activation exercises, burnout exercises, and to make your big lifts more intense. With two large anti-slip lines, it stays firmly in place for a seamless workout.


Light resistance:

For beginners or exercises requiring bigger movements, we suggest using this resistance level. If you have no prior experience with booty bands, our lightest band (X-light) or this band is recommended.

Medium resistance:

For those who have previous workout experience and desire increased intensity, we suggest this resistance level. It is ideal for the average gym enthusiast.

Heavy resistance:

Enhance your workouts with this sturdy booty band, ideal for experienced lifters. Opt for this resistance level if you regularly use resistance bands and crave a challenge.

All bands are 35cm in circumference.